At the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event of June, 2007, COB put forth the theory that standard word-clearing of LRH books doesn't work:

"What if I did sit you all down and did have you all word-clear and you did properly clear your misunderstoods? And what if I told you that even if you did all that, you would still be confused, absolutely would not get the data, and that the very tech you had just studied would still be lost to you in terms of knowledge of, and application of the pure LRH data? Well, in fact, that is precisely what I'm telling you."

He goes on to explain why:

"Well, for starters, I can tell you that the LRH datum still applies — misunderstoods. But not to leave you hanging, those misunderstoods weren't yours… So whose were they? The transcriptionists."

There are 139 entries under “word clearing” in the Tech Vol Index, and 24 more under “confusion". This is in addition to the Study Tapes, XDN Tape 1, and Talk on a Basic Qual.

In all of these, there isn't a single mention of word-clearing not working because of errors in the materials, real or imagined.

Similarly, no LRH reference attributes a student's confusions to somebody else's MUs.

These are interpretations of tech and made-up datums.