At Auditor's Day 1991, COB announced the completion of a long-term project to overhaul every single auditor course checksheet.

As outlined in his RTC Executive Directive #450 of the same year, these included a new Pro TRs Course, New Upper Indoc Course, new Academy Levels, new NED Course, new Grad V Course, and new Briefing Course.

Five years later, in 1996, he re-revised each of these checksheets to incorporate the new drills for the Golden Age of Tech.

These checksheets have been compared to all earlier versions available, including those already found to be “far too long” by LRH. In every instance, modern checksheets came out the longest — often three to five times the length of their predecessors.

Additionally, over the past 17 years, four pre-requisites have been added to the line-up before a student can even begin his Academy Levels training: Pro TRs, Upper Indocs, Pro Metering, and most recently, The Basics.

The Basics alone, with 18 books and 280 tapes, is the second longest course in Scientology.