Upon the release of the Golden Age of Tech in 1996, all previously trained auditors were ordered to mandatory retreads/retrains on the following:

  1. Student Hat
  2. Pro TRs
  3. Upper Indocs
  4. Pro Metering
  5. Class IV
  6. Class V
  7. Grad V

("Class VI Certainty” could be substituted for 5 to 7 above for Class VIs and VIIIs.)

  1. New Internships up to that auditor's level of training

(This last requirement was written up by COB in Inspector General Network Bulletin #35 in 1998, and repeated in Senior C/S Int Bulletin #197 in 2002, but so far has not been enforced outside of the S.O.)

The concept of a blanket retread, or “one size fits all", violates the most fundamental principles of the Cramming and Data Series.  Even for those who were flubbing, a lack of drilling is only one of several possible reasons for a particular student. Other possible whys are covered in A Talk on a Basic Qualand the Study tapes.