In 1982, for the first time ever, an HCO Confessional was added to the Bridge for all pre-OTs going onto their OT Levels. It was done in accordance with the recent issuance of HCO P/L Eligibility for OT Levels (9 March 1982RB: OEC Vol 4, p. 816). Questions about whether LRH even wrote it or not aside (it's been revised at least 4 times since then), the first Eligibility checks took the average pre-OT just a handful of hours to complete.

In the ensuing years, COB and his management team expanded the use of these HCO Confessionals to more and more points on the Bridge. Today, a pre-OT receives an Eligibility confessional not only before New OT 1, but another before New OT 5, another before New OT 7, and another every six months thereafter.

This is the first time in Scientology history in which HCO Confessionals are done on upstats. In fact, those who receive the most HCO sec checking — New OT 7 pre-OTs — are the very ones referred to as “the most upstat people on the planet” by COB himself.

As a result, high-producing OT 7s who have shown no evidence of out-ethics are turned into ethics particles every 6 months. This is even more true of an OT 7 completion, whose very next action after attesting is an even longer and more extensive HCO sec check before OT 8.