For the past decade or so, COB has pronounced one org after another to be “ideal” based primarily on physical appearance, not actual production.

Scientology events and publications regularly feature pictures of posh but empty HGCs and course rooms in these new orgs.

This is so much the case that Class V org staff can routinely be heard talking about “buying their Ideal Org."

One of many recent examples:

"When we purchased the Ideal Org at 701 Montgomery over five years ago and moved into the building, we assumed a 3.6 million dollar mortgage…"

Newsletter from Jerry Racheff, E.D.
SFO Day, and Jim Fitzerald, E.D. SFO Foundation; June 27th, 2008

Actual stats of these Ideal Orgs show very little auditor training, few if any Grades or NED co-audits, low G.I., and other major downstats.