In 1982, Int Management published the booklet, How Big Was Old Saint Hill?

It provides the weekly averages of some of Old Saint Hill's key stats. A few examples:

Releases and Clears: 193
New Student and Pc Enrollment: 136
Combined Student and Pc Comps: 185

It also shows an average of 300 students in Div 4 courserooms at any given time — with over 100 on the Solo course — and an average of 20-30 Interns on the Internship.

The booklet notes that “all the Tech staff were on the Briefing Course or had completed it."

In contrast, stats from the first seven Class V “Saint Hill size” orgs (New York Day, New York Foundation, San Francisco Day, San Francisco Foundation, Tampa, Johannesburg, and Madrid) show their actual production to be an infinitesimal fraction of Old Saint Hill's.

Few auditors were training in the Academy, and even fewer on Internships — often none. There was at best a smattering of co-audits, mostly on objectives. And while Old Saint Hill produced 21 Clears in one week — including 9 in one day — the seven Saint Hill size orgs combined hadn't produced that many in three years.

(Specific stats for each of these orgs, based on the “Releases and Graduates” section of their magazines, will be presented on this website soon.)