"Barbeque and Bingo!"

Nashville Celebrity Centre bulk e-mail for its latest fund-raiser, 5 August 2008

"A day of beauty and pampering at the Tamara Dahill Salon!"

Your Ideal Org News, OT Committee Newsletter; January, 2008

"Pre-Labor Day BBQ to help get an Ideal Org soon!"

Promo piece from Orlando Org; August, 2008

"Win a 2009 Prius!

An excellent way to help the OT Committee Build Our New Church in the San Fernando Valley and win this planet-friendly, fun-driving vehicle!!

Raffle will be held at the Valley Org, Nov. 22 (2008)"

Bulk e-mail, August, 2008
(Similar raffle just held at Miami Org)

Other recent fund-raisers:

"Karaoke Supper Club Evening!"
"A Night of Comedy!!!"
"FUN(d) and GAMES"
"Pay to keep Ben dancing!"

Even those without money can donate:

"Do you have items of value that you no longer have a use for?

Bring them in to the San Diego Org no later than July 22 (2008).
Your items will be liquidated and the proceeds of your donation will go directly to the Ideal Org Building Fund."

Suggested items include “gold or silver jewelry, broken chains, old rings, other jewelry with or without diamonds or gemstones, flatware, tea sets, candlesticks, leaded crystal, cut glass, figurines, fine china, Swiss watches, and vintage items and antiques."

In every org checked so far, more money is being taken in from fund-raising than from the selling of training and processing.

This makes fund-raising the primary income source of most, if not all, Class V orgs today.