For students and pcs who run into stops, LRH designated org terminals as diverse as the Qual Consultant, Chaplain, Ethics Officer, ARC X Auditor, Call-In I/C, and registrar. Each is trained in different skills to help debug the public and get them moving again.

Forcingpublic onto auditing lines, however, has never been part of any LRH tech.

Starting in the mid 90s, and growing in frequency since, there have been reports of public being threatened with sec checks, Comm Evs, denial of OT Levels, and even, in two instances, SP declares, if they did not route into the HGC immediately.

The same approach has been used to force public onto training. In the case of Golden Age of Tech retreads, this took the form of suspending the I-HELP licenses of two field auditors in Clearwater, one in New York, and three in L.A., until they routed onto course. As most of these auditors were Class VIIIs, they obviously demonstrated no resistance to training prior to this.

As LRH reminds us, in a standardly-run org, one cannot keep students and pcs away. When heavy ethics has to be used to procure them, this is a sure indicator of out-tech.