Following the release of the Golden Age of Knowledge in March, 2005, every staff and Sea Org member was given a stiff quota for the selling of Congresses to the public.

This pressure to sell increased exponentially after the release of the Basics at the Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event in June, 2007.

Public Scientologists found themselves inundated with phone calls and unexpected visits to their homes by staff members the public had often never seen outside of the org, including in some instances the public's own auditor, MAA, and C/S.

Even more startling for some were calls from Sea Org members the public had once known but hadn't heard from in years. These staff were not from the public's own service org, but rather from senior management bodies as unrelated to Div 2 bookselling as ABLE, SMI, OSA, and CMO.

The net effect of this new tactic has been the transforming of every Scientology staff member, from the top of the org board on down, into a reg. This sales hat is expected to be worn during normal production hours, in addition to (and at times seemingly senior to) the staff member's other, LRH-assigned post duties.