In looking over the lists of “Graduates and Completions” in various org magazines from the past 13 years (1996-2009), it was found that virtually every Class V and Sea Org org (with the possible exceptions of C.C. Int and ASHO) have been selling far more processing than training.

Magazines from 27 different orgs in the U.S. and Canada were studied. The result: Class V orgs had few Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, or Pro Metering completions in any given year, and often no Academy Level or NED students at all. Interns were an even rarer commodity, with the bulk of Class V orgs averaging none.

Of the relatively few students who were doing their auditor training, over half were found to be previously trained Class IVs or above, now on retreads as part of their Golden Age TIP.

Obviously these stats have been modified somewhat by the release of the Basics in mid-2007 and the order that all Scientologists route onto them immediately. Even this is misleading, however, since the overwhelming majority of LRH training references emphasize auditor training. The Basics is a course of pure theory, with no auditing or other specific skills taught.