Ever since COB’s interpretation of F/Ns was incorporated into all auditor training in 1996, the number of pcs who complain of missed F/Ns and overruns has skyrocketed.

Equally common, however, are complaints of whole actions being overrun.

A few examples:

1) Expanded Grades

In 1991, COB announced the release of new and longer Grade Process Sheets:

"Along with the release of the Academy Levels, the Expanded Lower Grade Checklists were released … It was found that many of the processes developed by LRH had been dropped or “lost,” denying the Scientologist the full benefits available on each Grade. Every one of these processes was located and issued, guaranteeing all of the gains possible …"

RTC ED #450 6 September 1991 The Scope of Scientology — Auditor’s Day 1991

Since 2005, however, COB has stated the opposite, claiming that the Grade Process Sheets he put together were in fact compiled by “others.” In numerous briefings to staff and public over the past 4 years, he has made it clear that the excessive length of these checklists is causing widespread overrunning of pcs.

They have yet to be replaced.

2) OT Preps

In 1982, HCOB OT Preps/ Solo Set-Ups was released. It laid out actions to be taken on certain pcs who, though complete on NED (or Clear), still have uncorrected errors in their earlier auditing.

In Church revisions of this issue after LRH’s death, OT Preps was made mandatory for allpcs after NED.

Additionally, the latest revision dictates that every OT Preps program include a C/S 53 and GF 40X, each taken to an F/Ning list. For those pcs still flying after achieving the Bridge milestone of “a well and happy human being” — and even, for some, the state of Clear — extensive repair lists designed to handle resistiveness, earlier practices, and other case outnesses seem inappropriate and non-sequitur.

These 2 lists are also now mandatory for Flag public going onto New OT 7, no matter how well audited or how winning the pre-OT.

Complaints of overrun on OT Preps continue to mount.

3) Clear

In 2002, COB revamped all issues on the subject of Clear. Since then, the overwhelming majority of former New OT 5s, 7s, and 8s have been adjudicated not Clear. This includes at least 5 public who had attested to Clear under LRH.

For many of these pre-OTs, the running of more Dianetics acts as one continuous overrun.

As a result of the redefining of F/Ns and arbitraries added to various Grade Chart actions, “overrun” has become the single most commonly-heard complaint from pcs and pre-OTs today.