5 August 2007

Dear ________,

As the Qualifications Secretary of ASHO Day, I am responsible for the quality of the tech in my Organization and Field.

You recently should have received a Qual Summons from me as regards to your getting onto the Basic Book and Lecture Courses.

In coordination with I HELP, I will be doing tech inspections of your practices over the coming days and weeks and as a part of this I will be looking into your progress through the Basic Books and Lectures.

The Basics are not “just another release” but are the foundation of your certainty as an auditor and your ability to apply Standard Tech.

It is intended that you get through this study rapidly and a target date will be issued to you shortly. In the mean time I want to ensure that you are all on standard schedules and getting through as rapidly as possible.

Please contact me via ASHO if you have any questions on this matter.


Amber Hunt
Qual Sec ASHO Day

This same heavy-handed treatment toward field auditors continues to this day:

Friday, January 2, 2009

You are summoned to a technical meeting for all Field Auditors and I HELP Members by the Snr C/S WUS and Qualifications Divisions of ASHO Day & Foundation. This is taking place this Saturday, January 3rd, at 1pm in the ASHO Chapel.

This meeting has everything to do with Keeping Scientology Working and your licensing with I HELP. Every Field Auditor, practicing or licenced I HELP Member and classed auditor needs to be in attendance.


Report to the Field Control Sec ASHOD (323) 816-1978 or I HELP Office (323) 206-7539 that you will be attending.


Amber Hunt
Qualifications Sectretary ASHO Day
on behalf of Snr C/S WUS

"A militant org attitude to keep the field straight is silly."

HCO P/L 10 December 1969
Superior Service Image
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 124)

"I believe that the freedom of the material which we know
and understand is guaranteed only by a
lightness of organization, a maximum of people,
good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information."

LRH Lecture: What Scientology is Doing
6 June 1955 (Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress)

"No applicant will be accepted at Saint Hill or should be accepted by any organization
for training or processing who is not there on his or her own self-determinism
but who has been ordered to training or processing by an organization or
who has been compelled to undergo training or processing by a manager,
judge, relative or anyone other than the applicant."

HCOPL 10 Feb 1964
Enrollment On Self-Determinism
(OEC Vol 2, pg 515)